Effect links

Discofreq's FX Database
Great site for effects (cross) reference, photo's and more. Continually improving and the site owner is definitely in the category of nice guys.
Jacques Stomboxes
Jacques is commonly known fro the effcets he builds. I found far greater joy in this part of his website. His collection of Vintage stuff definitely worth browsing.
Dietside Beautiful German Effects 'n more age from Dieter Stenzel.
The Big Muff and Guitar Effects Museum.Pictures, Pictures and more pictures. Great browsing on various brands with a specialty to Big Muffs.
Fetish Guitars, Mr T Italian page. No clue about the written text but good photo stuff on Italian Vintage.
The Boss AreaFirst stop for any Boss related info. Unfortunately dus to time contraints the forum is closed.
Tonehome Wolfgang Merkel's Ibanez Pedals collection (German). Great browsing!
The Mistress Mystery Page Ralf Metzger's devoted site to the EHX Electic Mistress. Very complete overview.

Amp links

CMW Amplifiers
Dutch amplifier builder with a very personal point of view on the matter

DIY links

Indyguitarist/ If you're into, or want to be into modifications on pedals This is definitely the place to start. Brian's "How to modify Guitar Pedals" (e-)book is a very good read and well worth the money.
General Guitar Gadgets
Learning how to build effects has started here for many DIY-ers
Aron Nelsons Stompbox Forum
Great forum for sharing and finding creative ideas as well
as discussing them. Users range from beginner to very experienced. Forum is a little too politically correct for my taste and has a protective attitude toward commercial builders making the independency of the forum questionnable.
Mark Hammer's page. I keep on turning back to this page full of excellent ideas, obsecure designs as well as valuable data like the file.
DIY Musikding German Page with Forum. Is getting better over time.
Newtone, Dutch effects part supplier. Speedy and communicative.
The Illuminist FX site of my FX buddy Martin from Kokomo, Indiana
Freestompboxes The future as it was destined to happen eventually.
Music electronics forum Music electronics forum. Not that busy but worth spending some time
Analogguru's Paradise Site of Analog Guru (AG) from Austria, also known as the boohteekers largest itch. Meanwhile the man has a history in audio electronics that sends most boutiquers back to kindergarten

Music links

Ruben Hoeke
Hottest Dutch blues of the decade, Check Ruben on Youtube as well. Satisfacion guaranteed!
Rare Groove Orchestra
Funky JazzSoulfreakstuff. I should see em live but till that time the soundbites are worth listening.
Flemish Folk.
Hanneke Vos
Too lazy to write your own music? Hanneke is for hire and will write something which is probably better than the stuff you come up with. (Partially Dutch).
Marten Schulp and gasbitaar
Need a bassplayer fast and without a hassle? Call Marten and save your gig. Other than that the guy is good fun having around. (Partially Dutch).
The Decoders
British band which I happen to like! The guitar player is heavily in the DIY effects scene as well as a great guy!

General stuff that interests me

Gitaarnet Dutch Guitar related site with excellent and busy forum.
Ibanez Vintage Page Great German page dedicated to older Ibanez Guitars.
Ibanez Collectors World Another page dedicated to vintage Ibanez Stuff.
Stereomanuals Rick Stout's business, selling service manuals. Pricing is decent and quality is very good. Fast shipping as well. The decision to invest (one time!) in a decent service manual can save hours compared to trying to do a repair without. This means than in many cases you'll earn back the investment with one repair. Simple math