In general I prefer contact through e-mail. Don't get upset if I don't answer the same day. Especially with tech questions I may have to take a little while to come up with a good answer. My mailadress is at the bottom of this page.

The web is a worldwide medium. The good thing is that information is shared worldwide. The drawback is that it isn't always clear where people are located. In multiple cases I had requests for repair which were cancelled because the requestor assumed I'm located somewhere in the US. I'm not. I live in the Netherlands. It's not that I wouldn't be willing to help people worldwide but if things need to come my way usually the costs for shipping are too high.

I'm not a charity organization.
Repairs and mods cost money and take time. First of all to be able to perform the right mods/tweaks/repairs or whatever with a short turnaround time means I've got to stock quite a large amount of components. Second of all modding takes time. Even in simple cases an hour is easily filled (think about changing wiring, drilling holes, testing the mod, packing the pedal and dump it at the post office, etc etc. Standard mods like TS concversions may happen within a few minutes but custom mods need to be made up "on the fly". I think that what I cherge for these custom mods is reasonable and in most cases a lot cheaper than what some people charge for "standard" mods like TS conversions. Therefore, if you think the price is too high a) find someone else cheaper and b) don't reply with te request of an explanation on how to do the modification yourself.

Don't write me emails requesting a quote for building a custom pedal only becuase you just made a clone and try to determine what might be a reasonable price. If you would've said so I'd be happy to think with you. I'm trying to be honest. Please treat me with the same honesty.

So, if you need my help, don't hesitate and drop me a line by mail, adress at the bottom.
Apologies here. To avoid spamming I have used a little piece of javascript for years. As more and more people are changing over to open source browsers this script often fais dus to "strictness" of these browsers. Below is an image. You'll have to type the adress yourself.