Who is Dirk_Hendrik (anyway??)

Dirk_Hendrik builds can be crowded

On total Dirk_Hendrik has some 17 years of practical experience with electronics engineering. While starting off with boat and plane models the real interest came with the combination of starting to play guitar and starting to play around with music electronics. So far it's still not clear if playing music drives the electronics interest or the other way around.

Other than effects Dirk_Hendrik spent quite some years on tube amp an MIDI and pro audio electronics and holds a bachelors degree in electronics engineering. After a 1 year adventure in Hi-Fi electronics (The only place in the electronics world with more myth's, fables and other bull than effects) before turning back to effects. Although generally agreeing with the "less is better" approach in Dirk_Hendrik's perspective this means that there's space left in that for something else. This means that a Dirk_Hendrik populated box can be amazingly crowded.


Dirk_Hendrik stuff can contain many relatively expensive components

Dirk_Hendrik is not a company and is currently not planning to be. This means that all effects stuff is done on a "when I find the time" basis next to a regular job. This has the serious drawback that projects can take long to be finished. The positive side is that by not having to worry about the financial aspects of running a business projects can be more complex or use expensive components since costs don't have to be earned back through the customer.
Therefore when not spending time in a fresh attempt to push as many components as possible in a smaller box he makes a living as engineer for a company specialized in data storage.

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