Shin-Ei Phase Tone PT-18

Hi there
It seems you ended up here. Consider yourself more than welcome on my tiny piece of webspace. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Now, is there really a need for another page on page on effects with some tech stuff, offered mods and repairs, a vintage collection section some stuff built by Dirk_Hendrik himself etc. etc ???

It feels good putting this stuff on the web. First of all I've acquired some effects stuff and background information over the years and like to share this with others. Furthermore, as the effects market changed over the last couple of years I feel I have some views to share on that. Many of these views I've ventilated on various boards over the last few years. However, since these are mine and not alway have to be someone elses opinion I felt it was easier putting them here so they are read by those who deliberately got here or, if not so, happened to end up at the wrong page. That wouldn't be the first time in the history of the net.

So, as said, be welcome, make use of it (let me help you alter your perspective), disagree with me (I'm always open for a decent discussion) or just leave it alone.

As you may notice along the way, the page contains large amounts of text. If reading isn't your favourite hobby you might find this annoying. For me the focus is on putting info on the web that can be usefull for people. Short lines or cryptical descriptions won't help in gathering information. Therefore I tend to take some more time to discuss something and (hopefully) add the details you were looking for.

By the way,

Large parts (but decreasing) of this site are still under construction, incomplete or require updates and.... a spellcheck. If you happen to find an error (which really annoys you) please let me know.
Furthermore, I spent quite some time on making photo's. Please be decent and ask before using a photo for your online add.

All backgound photo's: Chael Kruip