Who really needs another Tubescreamer clone.


However, looking at all the mods that are offered on Tubescreamers worldwide, the prices charged for these mods and the heavenly changes these mods are claimed to make it's quite easy to make another clone and incorporate some of these mods. Other than that the components used are naturally and way better than the crappy horrible sounding components used in the Ibanez pedals. The fact that the Hoshino guys have been in the trade and managed to sell thousands of pedals doesn't mean that they actually know something about sound isn't it? And those Maxon guys. Isn't it amazizing that they designed this thing and manufacture it with such crappy quality? Anyone who knows the right end of a soldering iron already can do better.

Hey! I'm cynical here!

The screamer follows fashion and therefore is TB (which saves me the trouble of adding FET bypass). Furthermore the gain is slightly cranked up, as is the low end, and the distortion character a little more coarse. Last but not least, before you ask, yes it is, circuitwise, up to TS808 spec's and does have the bloody JRC4558. (most likely personally soldered out of some tuner, betamax video or whatever on the streets by my neighbours.)

Screamer Tech Spec's:

Description: .......Tubescreamer clone with some common "mods" incorporated. - Power Supply:....... 9Vdc battery or 9-18 volts DC adapter (center negative)
- Current Consumption:.......Approx 10 mA
- Clipping Modes:....... Ge (Germanium Diode) LED (red LED's) or SI (Sillicon diode's)
- Bypass:........True Bypass
- Control's:.........Gain, Tone, Level and clipping mode select.