The Real Tubescreamer

The Real Tubescreamer was a design that showed up online at the start of june 2007. The concept by R. Nijboer contained a starved plate tube (12AX7) preamp followed by the tone control of a tubescreamer. Good thing compared to may "tubedriver" like concepts is that this design does start off with an opamp stage containging enough gain for a decent distortion, other than an overdrive alone.

While looking into this design, more or less pushed by the youtube video, I decided to give the thing it's own board layout. Another layout had been made already but I preferred to keep the wiring, usually the most time consuming part in building a pedal, to a minimum. In the case of this pedal, feel free to contact me to make you one. Howerer, for the less faint at heart, the whole design layout file is here:
Real Tubescreamer CAD files

Real Tubescreamer Tech Spec's:

Description: Tube based distortion pedal
- Power Supply:....... 9-12 Vdc DC adapter (center negative)
- Current Consumption:.......Approx 400 mA
- Construction:.......1 custom designed glass epoxy PCB
- Bypass:........True Bypass
- Control's:.........Gain, Tone, Level