In general I'm not too much into fuzzes. However, the search of a good octave up octaver has been my holy grail for years now. This ocavefuzz isn't the answer to that as it's a) not a clean octave and b) has a limited range on the fretboard on which it works. A thing that seems quite normal with ocaving fuzzes. Specially in a low gain setting combuned with some post distortion like a tubescreamer and a trem creates sounds which seem more like the keys player is creating them than the guitarist. If you think the octavefuzz on the photo looks worn? I've used it extensively live.

Octafuzz Tech Spec's:

- Description:....... Sillicon fuzz pedal with upper octave. - Power Supply:....... 9Vdc battery or 9Vdc volts DC adapter (center negative)
- Current Consumption:.......Approx 10 mA
- Bypass:........True Bypass
- Control's:.........Gain, Level and clipping mode select.